Woven Coffins

In the recent years, the world has changed and much of it has to do with the pollution that has been affecting the environment negatively. More and more people are becoming conscientious about this problem and they are looking to contribute to the protection of the environment in any way they can. This has led to the production of eco-friendly coffins such as woven coffins. They are made by hand, and are crafted using the fibers from different plants such as willow branches, bamboo, banana leaves, coconut palms and water hyacinths.

Saying Goodbye for the Last Time

Saying goodbye to your loved one for the last time can be very heartbreaking and difficult to handle. It has become a common practice among nature-lovers and people of all kinds to write down the way they want to be buried when they pass away. There have been a lot of environmentalists who have been buried or cremated in woven coffins. Often times they were aware of the way these coffins are made which led them to choose a woven coffin for their final resting place. If you lost a pet, you may just want to give them a last goodbye, even if it’s just you and your family attending. If you use a woven coffin, you will make the service a memorable one while preserving the ecology and not bankrupting yourself!

Putting Your Loved One to Rest Right

There are some people that want to give their loved one a proper burial but can’t; they want to lay them to rest with a dignified farewell service but they may believe they do not have enough money. Woven coffins are a great option when saying goodbye to a loved pet because they are not expensive and they are aesthetically pleasing. Since they’re crafted out of natural leafs and fibers, they are able to be decorated with things like flowers and natural dyes in order to make them even more beautiful and personalized. Pets are loyal friends no matter what and they should be memorialized. This is why they deserve being put to rest in an eco-friendly coffin that is easy on the eyes during the viewing and will decompose naturally. 

Woven Coffins are Reasonable and Attractive

Woven coffins come in different styles because they can be made with different leaves and natural fibers. When assembled, they look like a basket but have the shape of a coffin. Purchasing a woven coffin has many advantages. They are very reasonably priced and they are also very beautiful. Woven coffins are handcrafted and the manufacturer always adds a personal, delicate touch to each coffin they make. Some of them have flower rings and space available for a bouquet. If you do not have any manufacturer nearby that offers an eco-friendly woven coffin, you can always search online. Online merchants will usually ship anywhere in the world. Woven coffins are ideal to carry for pallbearers too as they’re lighter than traditional coffins made of solid wood.