Eco Coffins

When the time comes that someone in the family has passed and you and your kin are left to decide on a coffin and funeral procession for them, consider selecting a coffin from the eco coffins selection for economy and the ecology. If your family or the deceased was environmentally friendly, an eco coffin made of willow or wool is ideal for the ceremony. Not only are eco coffins great for the ecology, they are also relatively inexpensive: when compared to the average price of a coffin in the US, they’re actually quite a steal!

Ecologically Safe Coffins

What’s better than knowing that your dearly departed’s remains won’t be desecrated by toxins? Knowing that toxic substances that you and your family introduced won’t affect the entire cemetery and surrounding land! Some solid wooden coffins make use of waterproofing and polishing materials that are toxic to soil once they begin breaking down. Ecologically safe coffins will ensure that no artificial dyes and no toxic substances are released into the soil of the cemetery and local neighborhoods that can cause premature death and terminal illnesses. Do the right thing for the dearly departed and those around the place where they will be remembered from burial on – get an eco coffin that will both honor the memory of your loved one as well as respect the Earth that it is buried under.

Why Green Funeral Practices Could Transform the Ecology

When considering the number of people on the planet and the fact that all people die, it’s incredible to fathom a world where ecologically safe coffins are not used. There are toxins used in the chemicals that treat solid wood coffins before they are put on display that actually can poison the ground in which they are buried! If governments got serious about burial efficiency they would require that all burials make use of an eco coffin – that would literally stop harmful toxins from entering the Earth’s soil at every cemetery that does ground burials. In addition, people at large may be happier with a mandatory coffin that’s much more reasonably priced than what the Funeral Homes have to offer: often their prices are inflated up to four times the wholesale price! A world of people being buried in eco coffins would mean less heartaches over picking a coffin and less trouble later once the coffin begins to decompose.

Keeping Our Cemeteries Sacred and Clean

Since the government hasn’t imposed rules that require green burials, it is up to us individually to decide if a green funeral is the best way to honor our departed. Often people show at least minor signs of being ecologically conscious: water preservation in the shower or saving electricity are just two examples. If you feel as though your loved one who has passed on would have enjoyed knowing that their funeral did zero harm to the environment, speak with a customer care representative today online about the options available in wool, wicker and recycled paper material coffins.