Biodegradable Coffins

In the recent years, there has been an increasing concern for the environment and its protection. This has led to many different campaigns that persuade people to make use of green products. Green products are those that pose less or no harm to our environment; most of them are products that can be recycled or are biodegradable. This sentiment has spread into the coffin manufacturing industry.Today, you can find biodegradable coffins that are made of eco-friendly materials. By using a biodegradable coffin,you will be contributing to the protection of the planet as well as providing a dignified goodbye to your loved one.

Doing the Right Thing for the Recently Passed, and the Planet

When a loved one passes away, all you want to do is give them a dignified farewell. Although you feel pain because they are gone, you also want the service memorial to be a very pleasant and memorable one. You will want to search for a smart looking coffin that will impress guests. The problem is that you’re not aware that the materials with which most coffins are made aren’t friendly to the environment. By obtaining a biodegradable coffin for your loved one, you will be able to do two things: first, it gives them anattractive place to rest their head for the final sleep and second, it contributes directly to the protection of the planet. Biodegradable coffins will dissolve in the ground and will return nutrients and minerals to the Earth.

Coffins That Decompose

Traditional coffins are made of materials like oak, mahogany, stainless steel and more. Whenever the coffins are manufactured and assembled, they are put together with glue which contains damaging chemicals for the environment and synthetic materials. This makes it harder for them to decompose and that is why traditional coffins are notfriendly to the environment. Biodegradable coffins are made to quickly decompose and return to the Earth along with the body. They are not shut tight like traditional coffins.It’s proven that decomposition processes faster given a loosely bound casket. Many green companies strive for the protection of the environment by making biodegradable coffinsavailable for purchase.

A Less Expensive Alternative

Traditional coffins are manufactured using expensive and chemically hazardous materials to the planet. The average price for a coffin purchased from a funeral home can be around $4,500.Biodegradable coffins are far cheaper than that ranging a couple thousand at most. Biodegradable coffins, (besides protecting the environment) can also protect your wallet from being picked by unscrupulous funeral home directors. Degradable coffins can be made from materials like woven willow branches, tightly woven wool and even recycled paper!Some of the materials that are used are more expensive than others but across the range of eco-coffin products, the trend is that they’re cheaper than traditional coffins. When decorating an ecologically sound coffin only all-natural dyes are used and other biodegradable materials can be integrated. Any eco-friendly materials, when put together,can create a very attractive looking coffin.