Woolen Coffins

Among options when burying dearly departed relatives or much beloved pets, woolen coffins are a new, green trend. Rather than polluting the Earth with the chemicals found in polyurethane, polish and stain as with many decorative wooden coffins, woolen coffins are never dyed and they decompose well with time. Especially in Britain these coffins are showing increased popularity but here in the States people are appreciating the low cost, eco-friendly alternative to expensive ground burial or cremation.

Putting Away Your Pet After it Passing

In the case of having a lost pet there are often backyard services that result in tears and fond memories. When saying goodbye to a pet, having a woolen coffin helps tie together the ceremony. Rather than dumping a pet in their grave or putting the pet in a shoebox, a proper woolen coffin can ensure that nothing will tamper with the body inside. Generally pets have to be buried at least two feet deep in residential areas to ensure that predators won’t exhume the body. A stout, woolen coffin will prevent this scenario from becoming a reality. Also, pet coffins are less expensive than human caskets by hundreds to thousands of dollars. For a proper burial and a solid sense of closure, put your pet away in a woolen coffin before burial.

A Last, Warm, Snuggly Place for Your Parted

Pets and people alike can rest for their final sleep in a confortable woolen coffin at pennies on the dollar when compared to traditional wooden coffins. Coffins made of wool will usually feature a comfortable cotton interior for the departed. These ecologically sound resting places will degrade with time along with the body while leaving no nasty surprises in the surrounding soil. What’s even better about these caskets is that the average cost in England is about $800 US with premier brands ranging between $900 – $1,200. Considering that the average cost of a coffin in the States is $4,500, it’s obvious that there are savings waiting in wool when it’s time to say last farewells to a friend or relative. 

Woolen Coffins to Cover the Deceased

When people pass it can sometimes be an unexpected and painful experience both emotionally and financially. Burial lots, funeral services, the coffin and tombstone – all of these expenses can creep up on you if you’re not prepared! To cover the costs of the deceased when it comes time to put them away for good, consider your options in saving. Woolen coffins will suffice perfectly for burial services and are ecologically sound. The best way to save money on a burial lot and tombstone is by procuring them before the next passing in the family. Often prices are inflated during periods of immediate need: if you want to haggle out a good price on funeral services, burial plots and tombstones – do it for yourself while you’re still alive! Also – funeral homes will have to (by law) accept and use your coffin if you order one from somewhere besides the home.