Recycled Coffins

Doing the right thing for your dearly departed and the ecology has never been easier: recycled coffins are available that make use of recycled materials that will easily biodegrade with time along with the body at the gravesite. Recycled coffins are inexpensive because they’re made of composite recycled material similar to particleboard. These coffins are attractive and ecologically sound. As opposed to being treated with polyurethane and stain as many solid wood coffins are, these recycled coffins are au naturale’. No nasty chemicals will be released into the soil after a recycled cardboard coffin begins decomposing.

Earth-Friendly Funerals

If you know for sure that the person that has passed on was an Earth-friendly one, a green funeral may be an ideal way to honor their life and memory! Recycled coffins are only part of an earth-friendly funeral – recycled paper cups and napkins for the funeral reception along with washable silverware paired with properly placed recycling bins can ensure that the deceased’s small wishes for a healthier planet can be realized before they’re put to ground. Even if the departed wasn’t a total nature-nut a green funeral could be appropriate. If they were ever known to worry about water consumption, deforestation or pollutants in the environment, showing this stand of environmental responsibility during their funeral helps respect one element of what they found important during life.

Putting those at Rest in Peace with Nature

Say the person that you’re saying goodbye to never really had a preference towards or against the environment. For the sake of argument, say the person was even known for their lack of attention towards the planet’s health. By having a green funeral where the deceased is put to ground in a recycled coffin, you can attune to the Earth for the previous indiscretions by the person who has passed along. If you feel a responsibility to the planet and have the support of the family, don’t hesitate to honor someone who may not have been ecologically friendly by putting in a little extra effort to clean up things for the funeral. A little reparation can go a long way.

Biodegradable Coffins

What makes a recycled coffin great for the environment is that in addition to being made from recycled products, these coffins are toxin-free and they will biodegrade at around the same rate as the body. There’s no polyurethane or stain as with solid wood coffins. These substances can poison the grounds of the cemetery and even cause trouble in neighboring communities! A recycled coffin uses no artificial dyes and they are made to withstand only for as long as they’re necessary to bury the body and keep it from being exhumed after burial. If you’re considering a biodegradable coffin made of any material, consider recycled material first – coffins made of recycled materials are much less expensive than traditional coffins ranging in the hundreds rather than the thousands. Especially considering that the average price of a coffin in the States is $4,500, that’s quite a bargain!