Wicker Coffins

There are a variety of kinds of coffins in which one can be buried but those that are ecologically sound and economically intelligent are best for unexpected funeral costs. Not everyone suffers a terminal illness before passing: sometimes people go without letting on signs that they’re about to meet their maker. In cases like this, not only is the family hit with the shocking news of unexpected death but they also suffer the financial burden of picking up funeral costs. One way to cut costs when dealing with an unexpected funeral is by purchasing a wicker coffin for the deceased – they are cheap and won’t damage the soil they’re buried within.

Putting Your Loved One to Rest

Emotional heartstrings are tugged constantly when it’s time to put a dearly departed loved one in the ground for good. A consoling thought for the family as well as yourself is that the departed’s last wishes were respected before their burial. If the recently passed had been at all environmentally concerned, a choice among the selection of wicker coffins could be ideal to send him or her away to their final resting place. Wicker coffins biodegrade along with the body and are all-natural. Cedar, cherry and oak coffins are typically polished and stained: these processes use chemicals that will pollute the soil of a cemetery plot as well as surrounding land! Wicker coffins won’t do anything but restore nutrients into the ground and help purge the land of toxins. For this reason, even if the departed wasn’t a planet-conscious eco-nut, the right thing may still be getting an attractive, inexpensive and ecologically safe wicker coffin for their funeral!

A Peace of Nature Before Burial

Prior to putting your loved one to rest, consider your options for coffins. There are solid wood, stone and metal coffins that average at $4,500 in the States but easily go up and beyond $10,000. If you’re looking for a solution that won’t bankrupt the family, the peace and natural beauty in woven branches as a casket have been appreciated since ancient Egypt and beyond. Woven caskets have been popular for centuries and since they are much less expensive than their solid material counterparts, they have been continually used even in first world countries. Trim can be done in a variety of colors and wicker coffins can be set up for open as well as closed casket memorial services. 

Wicker Coffins Au Naturale’

At the very simplest point of why wicker coffins beat the competition, aesthetics play a huge role in the decision to get one. Expensive coffins are impressive but extravagant. Wicker coffins are homey and country-styled. They represent a natural element of wood rather than the carefully carved, treated and polished woods found at the funeral homes. Because of their simple and natural design, wicker coffins can usually be picked up between one to two thousand dollars but prices will vary by State. Either way, wicker coffins are considerably cheaper than metal or polished, solid wood coffins.