Flat Pack Coffins

Given the different demands that have arisen in the coffin manufacturing industry, new products have been designed to meet any need. One of the new products is the flat pack coffin which isfriendly to the environment and comes disassembled, shippable to your residential address. Many nature-lovers plan their funeral in advance as well as their memorial service so that they can be sure to have a green funeral. A flat pack is perfect for somebody who is planning a memorial service and burial ahead of time.Since the flat back comes disassembled, you can store it until it is time to assemble.

DIY Solutions for Funeral Expenses

Apart from grieving over the death of a loved one, having to deal with a funeral brings many expenses. If you leave everything in the hands of a funeral home, you will end up with a massive bill. You can save by taking matters into your own hands:there is no need to pay a funeral director because you or a family member can handle most of a memorial services procession. Second, there is no need to purchase the coffin directly from a funeral home.You can order it from a manufacturer or buy a flat pack coffin from an online merchant. The flat packs aren’tassembled prior to getting them but they come with instructions and are a lot cheaper than traditional coffins. Finally having the body cremated can lower the costs as well.This option is for those who accept cremationas a valid type of burial.

Why Flat Pack Coffins Cost Less to Ship

Flat pack coffins have come as a solution for those who don’thave enough money to pay for an expensive, traditional coffin. You must be aware before buying a flat pack coffin that they come in parts and you’ll have to put them together before making use of them. When searching online, you will see that the cost of shipping a flat pack is lower because it comes disassembled in parts and they take up less space. When shipping a coffin that is already built, shipping companies have to take greater care of it and make sure there is enough space for it to be transported to your funeral home or residence. This isn’t the case with flat pack coffins. Flat pack coffins store easily in transport planes and vehicles and won’t require extensive insurance on the shipping.

Low Cost Coffins Ideal for Pets

Purchasing a coffin for pets is a lot cheaper than purchasing one for a person. However, you can still find cheaper coffins if you look for disposable, biodegradable, or flat pack coffins for your pets. There are coffins for pets of all sizes - you have access to stores on the internet and most of them will ship coffins directly to your home. Most people bury their pets in their own backyard and by purchasing a biodegradable coffin, you will be saving money and you will alsobe acting environmentally conscious.