Paper Coffins

Economical funerals are almost an oxymoron but if you’re looking into your options of cardboard paper coffins you can usually find a great deal. Paper coffins use recycled material in a particleboard type fashion to craft walls and the coffin lid and bottom. Paper coffins are ideal for pets because they’re very cheap and even for people they’re among the most reasonable coffins on the market. Recycled paper coffins are safe for the soil in which they’re buried. Not only can you preserve the last wishes of an environmentally conscious friend or family member, you can help save the planet!

When Pets Pass

Every family has had a pet pass at home – usually backyard rituals follow using shoeboxes or other disgraceful vessels to the other side. Less concerned pet owners will consider the toilet an effective means of disposal for small animals and entrust their dogs and cats that’ve passed to their vets. For those that do bury their pets, there are cheap and effective paper coffins for pets as well. Since a pet coffin is significantly smaller than a human paper coffin they can be found for hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Putting the Dearly Departed to Rest

When your loved ones pass away unexpectedly, you can have a real difficult time financing the funeral. There are flowers to buy, funeral homes to rent, a coffin to purchase, a burial site and a tombstone all within days. Because an unexpected death doesn’t come with the guarantee of funds, family members are often left with the expenses. Sometimes insurance plans will cover some funeral costs but if you don’t act early to reserve necessities like a burial plot and stone you could wind up paying a lot more when you have the immediate need after a death. If you’re looking to save the most on your funeral while acting environmentally responsible, seriously consider options in recycled paper coffins.

Paper Coffins: Ecologically Safe and SoundBurial Casket

Among the reasons to get a paper coffin, the environmental responsibility of burying your dead in a vessel that will break down in time has lasting effects. Chemicals from treated wood can seep into the soil of cemeteries and pollute water supplies and crops. By investing in a reasonably priced paper coffin you will not only be saving the family hundreds to thousands of dollars on the costs of a funeral, you will be setting a precedent for ecologically-sound decisions within the family regarding burial. It’s a very emotional time putting away a loved family member for their last rest: by going green you can count on the fact that you’ve done the right thing for the environment. Many dearly departed loved ones make specific requests prior to their deaths if they want a green funeral. Those that don’t show subtle signs that they may appreciate one: preserving water when showering and washing, recycling given every opportunity and much more. For quotes on paper coffins and answers to your other basic questions ask a manufacturer!