Oversized Coffins

A New Idea

It is necessary for all businesses to be flexible and introduce new ideas or make alterations to their products to accommodate the needs of their customers. This goes the same with coffin manufacturers. As the population of the United States tend to grow sideways as they age, there is now a great demand for oversized items, from wider seats in public places, oversized clothing and now, and now, even oversized coffins. Almost every coffin manufacturer in the United States offer oversized coffins in their range of caskets now.

Coffin makers encounter death all the time, and sometimes they meet frustrated clients who need a custom-made oversized coffin for their oversized demised kin. When this happens once too many, especially when the rate of obesity increases drastically over the years, many coffin manufacturers, starting from Goliath Caskets, have decided serve this need of oversized coffins by introducing large size caskets. With obesity becoming more and more common in the United States, even standard sized coffins have grown from the standard 24-inch to about 27inches, as the typical size of individuals have changed significantly.

Catering to Different Needs

Apart from the increasing obese community, oversized coffins can also cater for those suffering from gigantism, and grow up to alarming heights. As some coffins nowadays can measure up to 8 feet tall, it is easier for you to get coffins for abnormally tall people. Hence, the oversized coffins manufactured and available for sale today makes it more convenient for those looking for coffins for oversized individuals, as they save you the time and trouble of getting coffins custom-made.

Typically, a standard size coffin will measure around 24 inches, but nowadays, oversized coffins can be as large as 52 inches wide, and 8 feet of height. The 52-inch coffin will be able to accommodate someone weighing up to a thousand pounds. Sometimes it may be difficult to imagine the need of coffins that large, but to coffin makers, they can manage to sell quite a few each year. For intermediate oversized coffins, quite a few can be sold each week.

Differing from the norm, oversized coffins do not come cheap as understood. The price range is from plus minus $899 to up to $5K, depending on the manufacturing company, size of the coffin, as well as its material. However, the thing that costs you a bomb for funeral expenses is not the coffin, but other services such as transportation, grave, as well as other additional expenses. This is because for a funeral and burial of an oversized individual, there must be special arrangements needed, such as larger grave openings and larger transportation vehicles.

In some cases, cranes are needed to lift caskets into the grave. The cremation process will also be complicated, as the typical cremation furnace has to be larger too, and the fuel needed for cremation also increases in amount. These are where all the extra expenses come in. So, you should be prepared to fork out more money if seeking funeral services for the demised if he/she happens to be oversized.