Mini Coffins

Babies in coffins?

It may be difficult for many to imagine infants die months after coming into this world or even died without a glimpse of light or s breath of fresh air, but in actual fact, it happens all the time. In the United States, there are approximately 28,000 babies stillborn each year, which are around 75 per day. Along with those babies who die prematurely due to illnesses or infections, accidents, or late pregnancy miscarriages, they make up an alarming figure. Not to forget those murdered babies in cases of unwanted pregnancies. In these cases, special mini coffins are needed for these unfortunate babies.

How small are they?

There are some people who resort to burying their dead newborns in shoeboxes, which may seem a heartless thing to do, as babies should be treated with care and love, even in death, not like trash. However, in reality, mini coffins specially made for infants are around the size of a shoebox, but they do not look anything like it.

Even mini coffins are available in different sizes, such as small, medium, large ranging from around 2’6”, 3’6” and 4’6”, to accommodate babies of different ages. If you require a coffin larger or smaller, you will have to opt for children coffins or have one custom-made.

How are they like?

For mini coffins meant for babies, there can be many shapes and sizes. The most typical type is the white satin coffin, as children are traditionally buried in white coffins because of their innocence and purity. These will look not much different from adult coffins with brass handles and polished fittings, just that they are only a fraction of the standard coffin size, true mini coffins.

A design that looks sweet is the wicker mini coffins for babies, to mimic wicker baskets or cribs that hold sleeping babies. This type of mini coffin is very popular too for infant funerals.

Mini coffins also come in different colours, the most common being blue and pink apart from white, for baby boys and girls respectively.

How much can we get one for?

There are some ridiculous comments that surround the pricing of infant coffins, as some say it is lunacy to charge a few hundred dollars for a painted matchbox or shoebox. However, these are real coffins made out of material used to build standard and high quality coffins, which makes them nothing near a matchbox or shoebox.

A normal mini coffin will cost you around $800 or more, depending on the size and the quality of the coffin. Some sophisticated, high end ones may cost you up to $2000. If you opt for those mini coffins made out of wicker, they will cost you less, as the material is less costly compared to wooden ones with more elaborate fittings. Wicker coffins look nice, and are great for those who want to keep the funeral simple.