Fat People Coffins

Dealing with Obesity

Latest statistics have shown that between the year 2008 and 2009, obesity levels remained constant in America at 28% of the total population. This is due to the increase awareness of healthier eating and more regular exercise campaigns across the nation. Even so, a considerable number of American citizens have long been grappling and struggling with obesity. Due to obesity, people are beginning to succumb to fatal health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other weight related illnesses at a younger age. These untimely demises are unfortunately a common sight in the United States.

If threats of illnesses, diseases and even death are unable to change the Americans’ love for fast food, perhaps the knowledge of what happens after their death will be the most effective wake up call. Coffin makers are becoming accustomed to these obesity-related deaths, by producing coffins for fat people. A well known manufacturer of fat people coffins and caskets are the Goliath’s Caskets Company based on Indiana. Other manufacturers like Goliath’s Caskets have been generating higher profits due to the obesity rate in America. The biggest coffin that was ever made in the history of America measures at seven feet wide and seven feet long for a man in Alaska.

Choices for the Obese Dead

The other problem with fat people coffin is that there are very few crematoriums that can cater to such a wide coffin and even lesser have the proper furnace to complete the cremation. However, the situation in America is more promising than the U.K. where the government and local councils have only recently begun to invest in crematoriums with the suitable facilities. Burials are the best choice for fat people coffins even though the coffin would require more than one burial plot to fit it in. Various cemeteries have found that even average sized coffins are getting wider and thus their burial plots are dug wider to make room for the larger coffins.

Coffin and casket manufacturers are also beginning to be more attentive to the needs of the family and the deceased when producing these fat people coffins. As a sign of last respect and giving the deceased the final farewell, coffin makers have taken the initiative to prepare coffins that are in accordance with specific religions and beliefs. For example, Jewish customs dictate that the coffin is made fully out of wood, preferably high quality mahogany. When manufacturers customize these coffins, their business blooms with additional revenue because fat people coffin are usually a few thousand dollars more than the regular coffin for an average sized person.

Dignity for the Dead

Arranging a funeral for an obese person can be rather embarrassing for the family and relatives. To ensure that the deceased is given the utmost dignity, coffin makers have also gone an extra mile to personalize the fat people coffin with specific designs and patterns. Besides personalizing the coffins, coffin makers have also taken the steps to make certain that these specially designed coffins are eco friendly with chemical and toxic free paint and other bio degradable materials.