Large Coffins

The Need For Large Coffins

There is no denying it; America is turning into an obese country. You can blame it on the chain of fast food stores at every block or on advertisements and the media, but more and more Americans are faced with health problems due to the lack of a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. Many Americans are also dying at a younger age due to obese related illnesses such as heart attack, diabetes, and many more. It is not surprise that even 5th graders have strokes as child obesity rates continue to rise in the States.

Obesity has also created another phenomenon in America in regards to the funeral industry. In recent years, the sales of XXL sized coffins have increased by three folds. XXL coffins are wider than averaged sized coffin but it is usually about 6 feet long which is the average height of an adult. These large coffins are similar to the regular ones except that large coffins have to be made of solid and enhanced with reinforced corners and joints. Besides that the lid of the casket is also made of the same material with reinforced hinges.

Customization For Large Coffins

Larger coffins are harder to find as the measurements have to be customized to the deceased. Therefore, it can take anywhere between 2 to 3 days before the coffin arrives at the funeral home from the manufacturer. This is usually a setback for the bereaved family planning the funeral for their loved ones.

These large coffins become a challenge for funeral homes as they have to hire special equipment to lift the coffins because they are too heavy to be hoisted by the strength of four men. It becomes a safety hazard to lift such a heavy coffin even for a short distance. With larger coffins, funerals tend to also be less dignified. Due to the enormity of the coffin, there are seldom any hearses large enough to transport the coffin from one place to another. When this problem occurs, the only solution is to transport the large coffin at the back of a cargo van or a truck, whichever is available. This is usually very painful for the family to witness as it comes across as being disrespectful to the deceased.

Larger coffins are often buried instead of cremated. This is because larger coffins take longer time to completely turn into ashes and to ensure that they burned appropriately, a higher temperature is needed in which majority of the crematoriums are unable to accommodate. Thus, families have to travel for miles in search of a crematorium that can do the job.

Thankfully, there are now crematoriums that are upgrading and are building new infrastructures and facilities to fit larger coffins and burn more effectively. However, even with a burial the larger coffins require at least two regular burial spots to be big enough to fit the coffin. The grieving family would not need to fork out additional money to buy the burial plot next to it in order to give their loved one a proper farewell.