Themed Coffins

Whether you are going to give it as a gift to a deceased relative or get one in preparation for your own death, it pays to choose the right coffin. There aren’t a lot of sellers available, especially for personalized coffins, but you can always find a company that is willing to do the artwork that you desire. You can incorporate a design, color, and even a theme to the coffin with the use of staining, accessories, and other enhancement options.

Themed Coffins

One of the most interesting coffins being used today is the themed coffin. This type of coffin allows people to be expressive of their thoughts and feelings, making it an excellent choice for people who want to convey a message to their friends and loved ones in their death. Themed coffins are especially made to create beautiful funeral containments that reflect people’s passion and lifestyle. This type of coffin can also be made in a way that it will show family photos, favorite lines, and just about anything that you’d want to have on your coffin.

Why Choose Themed Coffins

By choosing themed coffins, you are able to personalize your own coffin so it’s unique and especially made just for you. While it would seem strange and even horrifying to be buried in an iPhone coffin (and yes, there are coffins made to look like one), there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a beautiful themed coffin that will somehow tell the people you have left behind, the message that you want to convey to them. Happy coffins such as those painted with smiling cherubs will tell people that you died happy and content, and as a result, your loved ones will find it easier to accept your death. There is nothing wrong with desiring a casket that will echo a person’s cherished moments, triumphs, love, and dreams, which is why opting for themed coffins is never a bad thing.

Using Themed Coffins for Halloween

It is not all the time that people order coffins for the purpose of preparing for their demise. Themed coffins can also be used in parties, particularly Halloween parties, and these things are considered a great way to spruce up the event. If you don’t have the budget but have the manpower to build a coffin, then you can surely get creative and simply make a coffin for your Halloween party, instead of buying one. You just need to secure some pieces of cardboards (or plywood) and cut to the appropriate lengths. Usually, the size of the coffin is 7 feet (length) by 3 feet (width). Attach the boards to form a coffin, using a duct tape. But if you are using plywood, then you can use L brackets to secure the sides in place. Then, the fun part is in decorating the coffin. For themed ones, be creative and go wild with your ideas but of course it should be attuned to the occasion so using black paint, with some blood red paint on the sides will do the trick.