Funny Coffins

Talks about death and dying used to be considered taboo, but this is no longer the case today. People openly discuss how they would like to die and leave this world. They talk about whether they should be cremated or not, and even discuss the kind of coffin they wish to be buried with.  Not everyone wants an atmosphere of mourning and sorrow when they leave this earth. They find it a more peaceful death if people celebrate the reminders of their mortality. In fact, there are even people who want to be buried in funny coffins. It is not a form of mockery or ridicule toward the dead but a way of showing that the dead person will have a peaceful and satisfying journey to the afterlife.

Considering Funny Coffins

Do you wish to create a blissful atmosphere during your burial? An easy yet inventive way to do it is to make everyone laugh and smile when they see your coffin or casket design. Funny coffins are not meant to offend the funeral attendees but it is a person’s way of giving in to his last wishes before his time of death, just as other custom-made coffins are built for. Various coffin designs are not rampant yet but such creativity is now being acknowledged by a few Western countries such as the US and the UK, as well as in some parts of Europe.

A Few Funny Coffin Ideas

First and foremost, you must specify what you want in your own funny coffin. These funny coffins are customized or personalized coffins that usually come in bright colors to give it a jovial appearance. You can discuss funny ideas with your coffin maker so he can build the kind of design you really want. Do you want to lie inside an “Air Jordan” shoe coffin because you are a huge fan of Michael Jordan? Go ahead and grant your own wish. Do you find it really hard to leave a vice, such as smoking or drinking? Then rest inside a beer coffin or a cigarette coffin when you die. Another idea that is really amusing but unique in a way is having a huge photo of yourself envelop your coffin.  On the other hand, your funeral director may have ideas of funny coffins for you, since they have obtained several ideas already from past clients so it helps to ask them for some suggestions for your coffin design.

The Need to Prepare Early

You can never tell when you will die, so better have your funeral preparations ready. That way, you can specify what your coffin should look like. You may have other details to include that you do not want to miss. Part of your preparation is to have sufficient money to pay for your coffin. Tailor-made coffins such as funny coffins can be a bit costly due to its uniqueness and the time needed to complete the design, not to mention, the materials needed to build it.