Fantasy Coffins

The notion about death is often a sad one, and it is normal that the atmosphere in funerals and burials is grief-stricken. People grieve over the loss of those who are close to them. But death is a reality and should be a part of life. Eventually, every person on this earth will have to face it. And since it is a reality, it is only rational to prepare for death even before it comes. Practicality-wise, you must get everything settled before you die so that when the time comes, the people you have left behind will be able to give you a burial according to your final wishes. One preparation to make is your choice of coffin. In most parts of the world, funeral ceremonies are all about mourning. But in a tribal area in coastal Ghana, funerals are also a time to celebrate because it is their belief that the dead will live another life in a different world. How do they celebrate funerals? They demonstrate it with a style and it is expressed through the coffin designs they use.

A Representation of the Dead

A fantasy coffin is just like a traditional coffin, in a sense that it is used to bury the dead; but it is also different in some ways. From the term itself, you can have a fantasy coffin design based on the fantasies and dreams that you have. These fantasy coffins are brightly colored as opposed to the widely used coffins. Also, these are created with specific designs styles based on a certain fantasy theme.

Various Fantasy Coffin Designs

Since the coffin serves as the home of the dead in the afterlife, these caskets have to be beautiful, in spite of the fact that it will still be buried underground and the beauty of fantasy coffins will not be showcased for long. The style of the fantasy coffins usually represents the dead person and any desire that he or she had while still alive. Here are some examples of fantasy coffins:

  • Coca-Cola coffin
  • Mobile Phone coffin
  • Cigarette-shaped coffin (designed for deceased individuals who have a passion for cigarettes)
  • Shoe coffin such as an “Air Jordan” coffin
  • Beer coffin (normally represents a dead person who loves to drink beer)
  • Fish coffin
  • Pineapple coffin
  • Car coffin such as a Benz coffin
  • Boat coffin

Fantasy Coffin Prices

The prices of fantasy coffins differ depending on their design and model. But the normal price range of a fantasy coffin is about $1000 to $1500. The price is obviously quite high but it is the creativity of the coffin that truly makes an impact. It is just a one-way art, but even if it will be kept hidden beneath the earth forever, it will sure leave a lasting impression during the burial. After having read this article, you could now start thinking of a creative fantasy design for your coffin if you want to cut loose from the conventional, and be different and unique for a change.