Customized Coffins

A funeral is a solemn yet lavish ceremony. It entails a lot of expenses, and the coffin is one of those things that can greatly impact the costs. These days, people do not wait until they are in their deathbed before they get everything ready for their funeral. It is a practical decision to prepare for your own funeral while you are still alive and still able to pay for the expenses. While you still have the capacity to shoulder the cost of a pre-made coffin, better start thinking of the type of coffin you wish to have. You can go for traditional coffins, which are the most commonly used, but you also have many other options available.

Understanding Customized Coffins

Customized coffins speak of personal art, preferences, and style especially if you want to create an impression during your final send-off. Many funeral homes and coffin-makers offer services for custom-made coffins, and if you have a specific design for your coffin, you can specify the type you like, the style, and other requirements. Modern day caskets are examples of customized coffins that you can choose from.

How to Customize Your Coffin

There are many creative ways to customize your coffin.  One is your choice between a traditional coffin and a modern day casket. Custom designs are also available in various selections from funeral homes. The choice of color and stain is another way to tailor your coffin. You also have various options for the material to be used and the most expensive of these are mahogany, bronze, and copper. If you are tight on budget, you can opt for low-priced coffins, those made from ordinary wood with a simple custom design.

Helpful Information about Customized Coffins

You choose from a variety of wood coffins such as:

  • Alder Coffins
  • Cedar Coffins
  • Hemlock Coffins
  • Mahogany Coffins
  • Maple Coffins
  • Oak Coffins
  • Pine Coffins
  • Poplar Coffins
  • Wood Coffins

If you are an environmentalist and you wish to show your love for nature even after your life here on earth, go for eco-friendly caskets or coffins. These are made of wood that are guaranteed to be 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. The most common of which are cedar and pine. Customized coffins and caskets can also be specially made according to size. The common oversized caskets have widths of 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”, or more. These are ideal for large and tall individuals.

Price of Customized Coffins

The prices of customized coffins actually vary depending on the kind of coffin you want to have. The pricing considers the materials, size, style, and enhancements needed to make the tailor-made coffin. But in general, customized coffins are normally priced from $800 and above. You can always negotiate with the funeral home for a coffin that can fit your budget without compromising the quality and design. Moreover, you can also take advantage of discounts available for expensive choice of materials such as elm and mahogany, which are usually priced around $10,000 or even higher.