Wooden Coffins

Nowadays, the options you have when looking for a coffin or casket can be overwhelming, as each type of material and design offers respective advantages and do not lack disadvantages. Traditional wooden coffins were once the most popular coffins around, though challenged by these new coffin types, it still stands its ground with its traditional allure.

Traditional wooden coffin

The most traditional type of coffin is no doubt the wooden coffin, dated back to the time when Orthodox Judaism is still prevalent; there is a tradition in some varieties that the coffin of a deceased must be made of wood, plain and without any metal parts or adornment. These traditional wooden coffins do not even make use of nails, but wooden pegs for connecting purposes.

However, this recent decade, many new materials have emerged in the coffin industry, hence threatening the survival of wooden coffins in the market somehow, causing a significant drop in sales.

The Prices

Wooden coffins can be considered more affordable as they are cheaper than the popular, luxury coffins made up of Bronze, Copper or Hardwood Mahogany. These can cost as much as $10,000 and even more.

On the other hand, if you opt for a traditional wooden coffin, you can save more on funeral expenses, from 10%-25% and even more from the totaled up bill of funeral expenses, and get a coffin of good quality at the same time.

On an average, wooden coffins available in the United States cost a minimum of $599 (approximate cost) plus freight. This is considered quite a reasonable price. However, if you want more elaborate designs or have any additional requirements for your wooden coffin, the price will be adjusted to accommodate these additional requests and needs.

For a traditional funeral with full-service along with burial, the item that will cost you the most is the coffin or casket. Hence, if you want to keep to a budget but want to have a quality coffin as the resting place for the deceased at the same time, middle ranged coffins are recommended. And a wooden coffin is one of the best choices got for you.

Different Types of Wood to Choose From

Though being cheap and simple, wooden caskets come in an assortment of wood types, styles as well as stains that can be designed according to individual preferences. Wooden coffins made to satisfy the need of customers seeking nice and quality coffins have an attractive outlook, as well as giving you a respectable and dignified funeral.

Some wood types that are used commonly in the production of wooden coffins are Oak, Pine, Maple, Poplar, Alder, Cedar, and so on.

In a nutshell, though many customers of the new generation opt for alternative coffins such as cardboard, bamboo and willow ones, which are more popular picks currently, wooden coffins still have their market. Many coffin manufacturers have been making an effort to produce more eco-friendly wood coffins, so that you can have best of both worlds – having a traditional wooden coffin with great quality, without going in the way of environmental conservation.