Oak Coffins

When coffins are concerned, oak coffins are one of the most popular types, as the patterns and grains, as well as the superior quality of oak as a material makes them a highly sought after choice. Oak coffins also give a rich and classy look.

About oak

Oak, in the genus “Quercus”, can be classified as a tree or shrub. The oak is an evergreen and deciduous species, which could be found in most climates, with its different varieties. Among wood types, oak wood is a type of high density hardwood with special properties such as able to repel insects and being anti-fungal, all thanks to the substance tannin which it naturally contains.

Oak has a great reputation and popularity in the furniture industry, because of its beautiful color and grain.

Types of oak

For oak wood, there are different oak types that bear a variety of grains and patterns. The two main types are red and white oak. Others such as Tiger Oak and Pippy oak are classified based on their grains. In the coffin manufacturing industry, usually red oak is used to make oak coffins, as it is more suitable for furniture crafting.

Red oak, which is found widely in North America, is famous for its strait grains and its coarse texture. Oak coffins made out of red oak will render a pinkish-red hue, appearing unique and attractive.

There are also many stained shades for oak coffins available, but oak coffins are usually available in two contrasting tones, namely dark oak and light oak. Dark oak appears a shade or rich dark brown, and has a heavier tone. It is a more traditional looking tone with elegance and an old style charm, which is why oak coffins for older people are mostly crafted from dark oak. Light oak wood, has a sandy look, and gives a lighter and cheerful outlook. It is a more modern choice for oak coffins.

Solid oak coffins or oak veneer coffins

Some coffins sold as oak coffins are actually made of oak veneer glued to engineered wood, which is low in value compared to solid oak. Oak veneer does not differ much from solid oak in terms of appearance, and you won’t be able to tell the difference if you are not an expert. As the pieces in oak veneer overlap, they are quite strong and durable as well.

Some people may even prefer oak veneer than coffins made of solid oak, as they are much cheaper and look almost the same as those solid oak ones, more than enough for a classy front. However, there is a downside to it, as some low end oak veneer warp and peel easily, and the coffin will be ruined once moisture sets in. Hence, solid oak will definitely be a better choice if you do not have any budget constraint.

In a nutshell, oak coffins with their natural looking grains and shine, has all the class and elegance you want to have. Solid oak coffins are of high quality, anti-fungal insect repellent, as well as being sturdy and strong, a good choice for the seeker of a quality coffin.