Wood Coffins

When our beloved family, relatives and friends depart this world, there are certain arrangements that have to be made. No matter how painful, all things related to the funeral have to be discussed and sorted out among the immediate family. Sometimes, the recently departed family member would have planned out how they would want their funeral to be. Other times, death would have come suddenly that impromptu decisions will have to be made. One thing is for sure, the choice of coffin would be an essential decision. In America, it is highly likely that coffins are made of steel. However, wood coffins are becoming increasingly popular. Certainly, there are many different types of wood coffins to choose from.

High end wood coffins

Even in death, some people would like to go out with a bang. Without sounding too crass, it can be that the person recently departed came from a wealthy family and they want to host a grand funeral to showcase his or her circumstances when they were alive. Of course, the nicer wood coffins available would be made of walnut and you might be able to find some for up to as high as in the $8,000 ranges. If you still want something which is respectable but not too over the top, you would be able to get some nice wood coffins made out of walnut, cherry or poplar for about $1,000 or so.

Organic and environmentally friendly wood coffins

We are now living in an era where sustainable living is very important in order to ensure that the Earth can go on for our future generations. And so it is that certain things have changed where wood coffins are concerned. If you love Nature and want to do your bit, opt for bio-degradable wood coffins. Mostly, you would find that they are made out of wood from only sustainable forests and all parts of the manufacturing process – from the glue used to the packaging – is friendly to our environment. These wood coffins would also be slightly more affordable. You can easily get bio-degradable wood coffins at around the $500 to $600 range.

Colourful Wood Coffins

Sometimes even though death is very painful, those who are still around want to sum up what joy and happiness the newly departed brought into our lives. As such, more and more people think of different ways to make funerals a time for remembrance, not so much of sorrow. A focal point would be to change the way people view coffins. On that note, colourful coffins produce beautifully crafted and designed wood coffins with decorations and pictures to lighten the mood. It is not to shift attention away from death, but rather to celebrate living.

And to think that death used to be such a taboo subject. However, funerals nowadays need not only be a concentration of grief and sorrow. As an extension of that, coffins are no longer a means to an end i.e. a simple storage place for a dead body. With the many types of wood coffins around nowadays, it seems that it is no longer enough to have a simple coffin for the funeral.