Painted Coffins

Painted coffins don’t always bring to mind very pleasant images. Some may envision a cheap wooden casket finished with generic paint because it is less expensive. The truth is a little bit more complex than that. Although there’s no doubt that there are really these kinds of painted coffins built specifically for those who can’t afford the more traditional ones.

Are Painted Coffins a New Innovation?

While most people would think that this is a completely new and unique practice, historical evidence suggests otherwise. The truth is, ancient painted coffins that date back as far as 4,000 years ago have been unearthed in Egypt. Similarly, these things were also discovered in China. The art style would obviously be different but it proves that the current trend in customizing caskets is not an entirely new thing. In fact, painted coffins from ancient times are even more elaborate than the ones that are offered today. Entire scenes and stories are depicted with an attention to detail that is hard to match even by today’s standards and advancement in technology and techniques.

Pre-Made or Customized?

Painted coffins can be had in mass produced themes and designs or it can also be customized to follow a customer’s specifications. Clearly, a ready to use option is more viable for some as you can’t really put in a rush order for a special customized hand-painted coffin (especially if the design will be very intricate). For those who want something done that will be unique to them, these are ordered in advance and stored until it is ready for use. Manufacturers often update their online catalogs with the latest designs that are being offered so customers can pick a pre-made item without having to wait. Oftentimes, you can find something similar to what you originally had in mind without having to wait since there is a large variety available when it comes to themes and color options. One thing that is definitely new is the addition of painted coffins made of cardboard. Because of the surface of the material, you can easily paint and decorate it yourself, making this a truly personal last gift that you can give to a loved one. Some even suggest asking relatives to write farewell messages on the coffin before putting the body inside so that everyone can properly say goodbye.

Where to Buy Painted Coffins

While manufacturers may display their wares on their websites, most still do not sell directly to individuals. In most cases, you have to get in touch with local funeral homes that carry their coffins and caskets. It’s a good thing that local coffin makers are now starting to offer painted coffins as well so that you won’t have to worry about the design you want not being available through a local funeral home. It is also possible to purchase unfinished coffins and have an artist customize it for you. If all these other options fail, there is one remaining resource you can turn to, and that is online sellers. Beware though, because of the size and weight of these things, shipping charges may prove to be very expensive.