Decorative Coffins

The term ‘decorative coffins’ doesn’t necessarily apply just to elaborate and over the top caskets that an eccentric millionaire wants to be buried in. Decorative coffins are items that have other functions aside from putting dead bodies inside that not only blend with your décor, but enhance it as well.

Not Just For Halloween

If you’ve always secretly liked the look of decorative coffins, now you no longer have to wait until Halloween to bring them out. Thanks to alternative lifestyles, people are now more accustomed to other design concepts that would have raised eyebrows (at the very least) several years before. With decorative coffins, you can be as outlandish or discreet as you want. You can even wear them; not full-size versions of course, but that will have to wait until you have a costume party to go to.

Different Uses For Decorative Coffins

Decorative coffins have many uses outside of being a display piece in a funeral home. If you want something small that doesn’t catch too much attention, there are items such as pencil cases and boxes made of tin with elaborate carvings and curlicues. For those who want to have decorative coffins in the home, you will find so many different models to choose from. The most common one being the coffin beds and couches. While some of these are just built to look like coffins, others are actually made from the real thing (to be used for burial). If you are squeamish about this, ask first before buying. Another popular choice would be the coffin bookshelves. These come in a wide range of styles with just a plain wooden one with compartments to something more elaborate like a spider web theme (glass partitions can also be put in upon your request if you like to keep your books dust free). Others are still using it as the new hope chest, with drawers and dividers built in so you can store linens and other items in them. And let’s not forget the tables; decorative coffins are now also being used as coffee and end tables. The table versions are of course not as big as a full-size coffin since that would just take up too much space.

Other Uses of Decorative Coffins

As mentioned, you can also ‘wear’ decorative coffins. Coffins are a dominant theme in Gothic fashion and can be commonly seen on T-shirts and tank tops. Brands that are more daring have even started to print them on skirts and dresses, which have been received positively by followers of the fashion. Accessories are not exempted from the coffin onslaught with earrings, bracelets, chokers, rings, and bags all bearing the iconic symbol. The best way to wear this trend is by not going overboard. There is no need to wear head to toe coffin, so to speak. One or two pieces would be fine (ie it is alright to wear a coffin shirt with a coffin ring) but using your coffin jewelry as a matched set is not advisable.