Steel Coffins

When an important person in your life has passed away, as a final farewell to this person you devote a special funeral service in his or her memory. The passing of a loved one is a very sad occasion, but the presence of family and friends make the moment a little lighter. All over the world, different cultures observe different practices when burying their dead.  In the Japanese and Chinese culture, the coffins are manufactured from scented wooden materials, which are often resistant wood elements coming from sugi, thuja, incense-cedar and cypress. In Judaism, coffins are made of wood which need to be strictly plain, with no embellishments or metal parts. In some cultures, they prefer coffins that are constructed with glass covers so that they could display their dead. 

The Power of Steel

Of the many different materials available, steel coffins have become the most popular, through the years. In fact, its popularity has invaded even the World Wide Web, with the influx of many companies selling their products online. Just like most online sales, you can enjoy great discounts when you choose to buy your steel coffins on the Internet. Since their overhead is less, these companies can afford to give great discounts for the things that they sell.

Tips When Buying Steel Coffins

Once you have decided to go for steel, here are some tips that you can use before making your purchase:

  • It is important for you to consider the thickness of the steel coffins that you are going to buy. Steel coffins come in different gauges: 20-guage, 18-gauge and 16-gauge. Since the 20-gauge coffins are the thinnest, they are also the lightest. Naturally, 16-gauge coffins will be the heaviest in the collection.
  • The price of steel coffins will also be affected by the gauge-considerations. 20-gauge coffins are more affordable because they are made with less material. 
  • The finish of the steel is also something that you need to consider. The more modern types of steel coffins now come in various designs, with cloth interiors that will definitely improve the overall design and esthetic of the product.
  • You can also opt for steel coffins that come with ornate metal decorations on the sides. If this is within your esthetic considerations, it can enhance the look of the product, but remember that this will also increase the price on the tag.

Embracing Modernity

The most important offering that steel can bring to a coffin is a modern feel to it. It is most desired because unlike wood, is stands to survive longer, underground. More so, it somehow helps to preserve the corpse inside it. It is important to note, though, that despite the abundance of variety and affordance of technology, there is still no known coffin that are able to preserve the bodies of the dead. It does not matter if it is a scientifically constructed steel coffin, it cannot stop the normal process of decomposition so do not be swayed when people tell you otherwise.