Gold Coffins

Coffins or caskets are pertain to one thing, and that is, a funerary box for the dead. In North America, there is some distinction between the two because coffins are burial containers that are hexagonal or octagonal in shape, and caskets are burial containers that are rectangular and comes with some kind of split lid, for viewing purposes. Regardless of what it is called, coffins or caskets are mean to be buried underground, placed inside a burial vault, or included during the cremation process.

Various Kinds of Coffins Available Today

There are different kinds of coffins. There are wooden coffins, which are definitely more affordable, and they may be made out of cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, ash, pine, pecan and walnut. They are desired because wood can be given a very sophisticated finish. Another material used is metal; metal coffins come in four different materials, which are steel, copper, bronze and stainless steel. In the past, people have been using lead coffins to bury their dead, but this no longer is a popular choice for quite some time now due to the health dangers that it can cause. Metal is more costly compared to wood, and the price usually depends on the kind of metal you wish to use. Some people opt for more precious metals such as gold and although gold coffins may be rare, they are not entirely an absurdity.

Gold Coffins in History

Since the coffin is where you shall give out your last farewell, people say that it should reflect who you are as a person. More importantly, it should correlate with your stature in life. In history, here are a few noted personalities who have used gold coffins:

  • The prince of pop, Michael Jackson, who passed away in 2009, was laid to rest inside a lovely gold plated coffin, which is only fitting of his near-royalty status not only in the music industry, but in the entire world.
  • Triple murderer, Carl Williams, who is known as an Australian mobster was buried in a $50,000 gold coffin whose design was based on the one that Michael Jackson was put in, in his burial.
  • And just this year, the artist Lady Gaga chose to arrive in style in her performance in Carlisle Northern England, in a gold coffin.
  • Another hilarious addition to this account, celebrity Zsa Zsa Gabor was gifted with a solid gold casket after recently surviving an almost fatal incident.

Embracing Your Riches