Metal Coffins

The very first coffin in history was seen between the 14th and 13th BC. A coffin is a container for the dead and through the years, history has seen many different materials being used to make one. The more traditional coffins are those that are made of steel, lead, gold and metal. Due to its nature and shape, a coffin is designed to be buried underground or it could be placed into a burial vault. Whether above ground or in a mausoleum, however, coffins are built for one purpose, and that is to bury the dead.

All About Metal Coffins

As previously mentioned, there are different kinds of materials available for coffins, and metal coffins is just one of these examples. Although the casket industry manufacture their products on an as-needed basis, much has changed through the years, and metal coffins are now being manufactured in bulk. In fact, the intricacy of the manufacturing process has also advanced and as early as the 1950s, more than 700 companies have been distributing all kinds of coffins, throughout the world.
Nowadays, more than half of the coffins manufactured in the market are metal coffins, but it is believed that only about twenty-five percent of the total coffins manufactured are metal coffins, during the earlier years. This figure leaped to more than thirty percent, when the industry grew in the 1950s, especially after the conclusion of the Korean War.

Types of Metal Coffins

There are different kinds of coffins in the market and there are also different kinds of metal coffins being sold. The different versions of metal coffins dictate the value and character of the item, so it is important that you scrutinize between the different types, so that you can choose accordingly. Here are the different kinds of metal coffins available:

  • Steel gauges: These coffins come in 16-, 18- and 20-gauge steels, with 16 being the heaviest and 20 being the lightest of them all.
  • Non-basketed metal coffins: Of the different types of metal caskets available, these are the most economical because they are made from 20-gauge steel.
  • Other elements: You can find metal coffins that are made of copper and bronze.

Tips When Buying Metal Coffins

When you are buying metal coffins, make sure to take the following things into consideration:

  • Do not be an impulsive buyer. Take your time to choose the right material, the right design and the right price. All of these considerations can be met if you are careful, so take time to look around and survey your choices.
  • Make sure that everyone in the family agrees on the selection. Especially if the coffin is to be used for an important member in the family, everyone’s suggestions and opinions should be considered.
  • If you want to be more specific with your order, you can opt for custom-made metal coffins that will surely address all your needs and requirements.

You can easily find metal coffins being sold online, so finding one that will fit your taste and budget is never a problem.