Italian Coffins

Italians are known for their rich culture and strong Catholic beliefs. For their funerals, they like to give their loved one a well-deserved goodbye with plenty of people present at the funeral. Italian coffins are known to be crafted with the best Italian wood available like the prime burr walnut and solid ash. They are designedfor the uttermost in exquisite taste and they are always a unique work of art. Coffins handmade and every detail iscrafted in a meticulous fashion. Later, the outside wood is polishedwhile the inside remains as soft as silk.

Catholic Coffins for Devout Italians

The Vatican City is located in the heart of Italy, although legally it’s not part of the country.The Vatican’s tradition and religion has been part of Italian culture for many years. There are Italians that are deeply devoted to their Catholic beliefs: this leads to their decision in getting catholic coffins designed for themselves prior to passing on. Many of the ornaments and accessories that are included on Italian coffins point in reference to the Catholic Church such as crosses or saints. Many Italian coffins are finished with a spectacular piano gloss which makes them even for popular because of the sheer luster. Some manufacturers will also accept orders for custom made coffins; ornaments that relate such as the Virgin Mary and the twelve apostlescan be affixed to the casket.

Traditional Italian Funeral Ceremonies

Given the influence that the Catholic Church has in Italy, most of the Italian funeral rituals are intertwined with the church. However, one of the things that are different between other cultures and Italy is that the Italians announce the death of relatives with posters. The funeral is usually open to anybody who wants to attend and that is why the posters are placed all over the town or city. It is also common for the friends and neighbors to start bringing food over to the remaining relatives’ homes. Italian tradition usually calls for an open casket so family and friends can kiss the deceased one last time. The last funeral rites follow Catholic tradition: vigil, liturgy, and mass are all included. Pallbearers who are close friends and/or family of the departed usually carry the casket. The church will be well adorned with flowers as is the coffin that before it’s carried in procession to the burial site.

Burying a Proud Italian Relative

Most proud Italians want to be buried as true Italians; in most cases this means that they want to be buried in their motherland. For Italians all over the world it is not uncommon to have to return to their country in order to bury a relative. A lot of Italian-Americans have found themselves bringing their older relatives back to Italy to be buried.If the relative was proud enough, they probably had already a lot paid for burial in Italy. If that is the case, the family only has to arrange for the wake and for the funeral procession.