European Coffins

European coffins tend to be simpler than those used in Eastern cultures such as the Chinese, yet, they are known for their beautiful artisanal designs. In the early 1100s, Europeans were known to use a tree-trunk coffin which was one single huge log in which the elite were buried. This practice was mostly used in the northern areas of the European continent. In modern times,the coffin has evolved into a traditional funeral box with unique characteristics. They remain very simple and are still made of solid wood with a flat lid opposed to a larger, humped lid used in traditional coffins in the United States and the rest of the Americas.

Traditional Heritage-based Coffins

Europe is an ancient and large continent composed of 27 different countries. This means that there are several ethnic and cultural backgrounds related to this region. There are many diverse types of coffins based on heritage: some of these coffins originate from backgrounds like the Celts, theItalian and the Spanish. The coffinsare crafted with the finest materialslike mahogany, solid ash, primer burr walnut, cherry and European oak. They are known to be carved meticulously producing beautiful designs that are unique to the European region. They feature a distinctartistic flair that can represent any ancient, cultural stories such as St. Patrick from Ireland.In some cases, they will also include solid brass or metal hardware on the sides of the coffin.

European Style Caskets

All European caskets are designed and manufactured with the utmost care and they’ll feature beautiful designs. They are crafted with the finest European wood and their designs are carved by hand whichmakes them even more unique and beautiful. European caskets are known to have a flat lid that is different when compared to other cultural coffins. When looking for a European casket, know what type of heritagethe deceased comes from as there are many different nations with much varied coffin designs. For example, one famous European casket is the Italian casket thatis crafted of Italian wood suchas the prime burr walnut tree. There are several designs used for inside such as a designer ultra-suede interior.

Every EU National Style Accounted For – Coffins With a Culture

There are plenty of countries that compose the European Union.Some of them share similar backgrounds while others are totally foreign to one another. This is what cause there to be different styles of coffins between countries. There are special caskets crafted out ofexcellent materials such assolid, polished woods and gold and silver too! They are elaborately designedto feature unique designs that are characteristic of the European country in which the departed had lived.

Many of the different caskets that are offered for in-ground burial can also be used for cremation. These coffins,(known as heritage coffins) have become popular across the world. in a lot of cases, people that have European ancestry like to keep up with family traditions by being buried in these coffins.