Vintage Coffins

When you hear the word ‘vintage,’ most likely what comes into your mind are the words ‘old’ and ‘used.’ While these definitions are by no means incorrect, this is not always the case when it comes to vintage coffins. Because genuine vintage coffins are quite rare, the term can also apply to coffins that are fashioned after a certain style from past years but not necessarily made during that period. So in this case, the term vintage-inspired is really more appropriate.

An Overview of Vintage Coffins

In the United States, people assume that caskets and coffins are interchangeable when there are in fact some stark differences between the two. Because the style of coffins is more old-fashioned, that is the design that people mean when they say vintage coffins, but this can also mean casket styles that were used during the same era as coffins. What is referred to as vintage coffins are actually what a standard coffin looks like, the hexagonal shape with sides that taper from the shoulder to the feet and usually finished in dark lacquer.

Do Vintage Coffins Have to Be Old?

To be called a vintage coffin, the piece does not necessarily have to be old. Nowadays, you can have a vintage coffin custom-made for you by any number of artisans out there. Because the toe-pincher style is considered to be old-fashioned as compared to the more contemporary-looking casket, it has been called vintage coffins. Although when you look back on pictures dating from several centuries, you will hardly see any drastic changes in the basic form of the coffin. Variations will come in the material used as well as the fixtures and embellishments too. Vintage coffins are common themes in jewelry as well and a popular piece would be a rustic metal miniature coffin hanging from a chain. Actual vintage coffins can be bought from funeral homes that are liquidating old stocks or warehouses that are clearing out their items. It might seem strange but there have been instances when vintage coffins were found while clearing out storage spaces that have not been touched for decades. Genuine vintage coffins are very valuable as most of them use real silver and other precious metals in the fixtures. The wood that was used back then was of a higher quality as well.

Vintage Coffins for the Home

To get the look of vintage coffins without having to go on an extensive search and shelling out a lot of money, you can have one commissioned specifically for your needs. There are unique furniture pieces fashioned out of vintage-style coffins and the great thing is they can be had for as low as a few hundred dollars. Prices tend to go up depending on the size and how elaborate the details are. Among the most functional are the coffin bookshelves and the linen storage coffin. There are also coffee tables that you can use for your living room. The finish and size can be altered to fit your taste without having to go over your budget.