Old Coffins

Some people think that coffins and caskets are one and the same. But, even though both are used to display and contain the deceased, there are some differences between the two. The first and most obvious difference would be the shape. New and old coffins alike come in an irregular hexagonal shape with sides that taper from the shoulder to the feet. Caskets meanwhile have a rectangular shape and look like large shoeboxes, and they also come with split lids to allow mourners a view of the deceased during the wake. Old coffins were traditionally made by the village carpenter when the need arose, and the materials and details of the coffin depended on how much a villager was able to afford to pay. Nowadays, coffins are normally mass-produced and can even be bought in advance for some and used in conjunction with a memorial plan.

Bringing Back the Old Coffins

Even though caskets are considered to be the popular choice in the United States, old coffins have steadily started making a comeback. The reason for this is that there is a recent resurgence in the appreciation of the more classic approach to esthetics. We can also thank the popularity of vampire-themed novels and movies for the return of the old coffins as these are featured prominently in most of these stories. High quality coffins are made of solid and durable wood but for those who don’t want to spend too much, there are coffins made with wood veneer which is a lot cheaper. The trimmings and handles for old coffins are made of solid brass, but nowadays it is more practical to use brass-plated or brass colored fixtures.

Customized Options

Aside from the variety of finishes that you can choose from, there are also manufacturers that offer custom-painted designs to make the coffin more eye-catching. These extravagant pieces are gaining popularity as most families treat it as a last tribute to their dearly departed. If you have special requirements for the coffin that you want to get, you are better off choosing customized old coffins to ensure that your wishes will be granted.

Good for the Environment?

Coffins are commonly confused with the cremation vessels that are being used to hold the ashes after the burning. Even though they can also be made of wood, it is better to call these containers urns rather than coffins to avoid confusion (and since they do not have the traditional shape of the coffin, it cannot be called as such). Because cremation involves burning and can cause further damage to our environment, the materials that can be used for the coffin are strictly regulated. For instance, the wood should not emit any fumes while it is being burned. A recent innovation however has made this problem easier to solve. An inner coffin that is made of cardboard or other biodegradable materials is placed inside the wooden coffin during the wake. When it is time to cremate the body, only the inner coffin will be placed inside the incinerator. The outer wooden coffin can then be reused and recycled for other purposes.