Used Coffins

An entire spectrum of reactions can be obtained when the topic of used coffins is brought up. Some laugh it off thinking you’re kidding and others are downright horrified. But then, a lot of misconception surrounds the words ‘used coffins.’ For one thing, surely you have visions of poor families using coffin hand-me-downs for their deceased because they can’t afford to buy individual ones for each member of their family. This scenario is more than a little silly because it is illegal, yes—illegal to re-sell a coffin once a human body has already been placed inside. The reason for this is that the contact from the corpse makes the coffin a biohazard risk. So now that’s settled, we can move on to what used coffins actually are. To be fair, the term is used loosely and really applies to display models or pieces that have slight cosmetic inconsistencies or damages that make it unsuitable for burial purposes. If you’re wondering what they’re used for, then read on.

Who Buys Used Coffins?

Due to several alternative movements like Goth and the Vampire societies, darker style decors and furnishings have continued to gain popularity over the years. Used coffins are repurposed into other items to serve as decorative and functional showpieces for a select clientele. A number of design firms specialize in this kind of alternative décor and can outfit an entire house with gothic style items that incorporate different coffin themes. This can range from the design on your cupboard doors to actual coffin-shaped tables and storage containers. A new innovation is using hanging coffins as your overhead shelving unit. It may sound odd and somewhat creepy to some but in practice, the finished product is very practical to use and makes for a more interesting storage unit for the kitchen. And then there are those who believe themselves to be true vampires (although hunting humans is not allowed), these individuals choose to sleep in coffins rather than the more conventional bed. Of course, they don’t put the lid over them when they sleep as that would cut off their air supply.

A Quick Overview on Coffin Couches

Currently, a new trend that is becoming a favorite among these individuals is the coffin couch. Coffin couches are fashioned into unique furniture pieces straight from an actual coffin. Initially, people thought that the look was only inspired from coffins but these striking seats are made from used coffins that funeral homes are unable to sell due to scratches or dents.

Are These Coffin Couches Safe?

Coffin couches are sturdy and can support most people. It is not advisable however, to engage in other types of activities on it (such as jumping or bouncing) as the legs may collapse under the strain. Everything from the exterior finish to the feet is directly derived from the classic coffins and can be customized with specific themes and colors as well. It may seem off-putting at first, but there’s no denying that these coffin couches would make quite an interesting conversation topic for family and friends visiting your home.