Coffins FAQ

Q:  Don’t You Have to Buy a Coffin From the Funeral Home?

A:  The short answer is no. A funeral home can provide you with a coffin if that is your wish, however, you are not obliged under any circumstances do so. Coffin manufacturers usually supply funeral homes with many different coffins. When the funeral home sells a coffin to you, they are selling it for a much higher price. In some cases, funeral homeswillcharge a lot more than typical retail markup by raising the price of the coffin four times the wholesale cost. You can shave off up to 80% of your total funeral bill by purchasing a coffin on your own from a coffin manufacturer. You can search online for local manufacturers: they have a wide selection from which to choose.

Q:  Will I Have to Assemble a Pre-Purchased Coffin?

A:  Sometimes you will; this depends on the manufacturer that sells you the coffin. Most coffin manufacturers will ship the coffin already assembled and ready to be used.It won’t matter if it was ordered last minute or if it was pre-purchased. Many manufacturersoffer both assembled and DIY caskets that need to be assembled before they’re used. Assembling the caskets shouldn’t take you too long because they come with interchangeable panels and pre-glued dowels. Most manufacturers do not offer any type of storage when you purchase the coffin beforehand, so if you still have plenty of time before it comes time to make use of the casket, make sure to keep it in a dry and flat area.

Q:  Are All Cremation Caskets Eco-Friendly?

A:  Most of them are. Cremation caskets can serve two purposes: to be displayed in the funeral home just like a traditional memorial service and to cremate the body. Instead of purchasing two different caskets, people use the same casket for the funeral and for the cremation. Cremation caskets are usually built with lightweight materials and look less elaborate than regular caskets.Cremation caskets tend to be a bit less expensive given that are made of lighter material. They are usually made of wood which is eco-friendly. It is up to the crematory to decide if they will accept the casket for the cremation process; keep in mind that it is required that the material of the casket be combustible.

Q:  What Are My Options for Ground Burial Coffins?

A:  There are many different coffins made for ground burials. Given that the majority of people are either cremated or buried underground, most coffins can be used for a ground burial. The coffin can be made of wood like solid oak, mahogany, cherry, hardwood, maple, pecan, pine, walnut, bronze, copper, bamboo, or even banana leafs. The last two options are the most eco-friendly and are used by families and individuals that want topreserve the environment while also featuring an attractive coffin during the viewing. Most materials that are used in the manufacturing of coffins are properly treated for a ground burial service.