Coffins Designs

By tradition, coffins are built with six sides narrowed around the top shoulder area or they’re crafted in a rectangle shape with four sides. For example, in the European region, the rectangular coffin is more common. Oddly enough, in Japan they used to manufacture coffins in round shapes in order to look like barrels. Nowadays coffins can also be custom designed; some manufacturers offer this option and their products are referred to as non-traditional designed coffins since they are much different than the ones that are usually found. The designs can vary depending on the demands of the family.

Cultural Coffins

Many different burial ceremonies around the world depend on the beliefs of the people that require a cultural coffin. Back in medieval times in Japan, the coffins were built in a round shape in order to assimilate the shape of barrels that were made by coopers. Every culture has their own burial tradition and each kind has a specific type of coffin that they use. Jewish people also have their own type of coffin: it is simple with no ornaments.Jewish coffinsare also made to decompose the body contained faster because they are strong believers that human beings must return to dust. Nowadays people are becoming more conscious about the environment and biodegradable coffins have also been made available.

Elaborate Decoration

For some people, part of their tradition is to not have any type of decoration or embellishment on their coffin because it goes against their religion. For others, it is important that the manufacturer take the time to decorate the coffin. Coffin manufacturers take pride in putting all of their effort in building every coffin they make. Some manufacturers might even offer some type of warranty stating that the structure of the coffin has not been compromised prior to the sale of it. They also take orders for custom coffins that can include a wide variety of decorations.In some cases, families have buried their loved ones in coffins that are shaped in the form of a guitar case or other custom shape. Whichever coffin your dearly departed would have loved, the manufacturer can create the perfect design for your coffin.

Simple, Effective and Cheap

If what you are looking for is a simple coffin, you will definitely be able to find one for a good price. There are different materials that can be used when building a coffin. The most common material is wood.The material could be oak, mahogany, cherry or cedar. There are also coffins made of gauge steel or stainless steel which can be found for low prices. Many manufacturers are now offering biodegradable caskets which can be made of wood, bamboo, or banana leafs. There are surely many options to choose from.Keep in mind that you are not obliged to purchase a casket that the funeral home is offering you. You have the right to purchase a simple and cheap casket from any manufacturer that you choose and then bring it to the funeral home for the memorial service.