Home Made Coffins

Coffins are one of the most costly expenses in any funeral, but because it is hardly possible to have a funeral without one, it is something that people would have to prepare for. As of today, the cost of coffins can go as low as $500 to as high as $10,000, and although you might think $500 isn’t so bad, you’d think twice about it when you see the quality of these cheap coffins. Home made coffins are a great alternative for people who do not want to spend a fortune on their coffin yet still be able to get one that is of good quality. If you have basic wood working skills, or if you know of someone who does, then there should be no stopping you from choosing home made coffins.

Choosing Between Metal and Wood for Home Made Coffins

Ever since the start of the 18th century, a lot of people have opted for metal coffins. It became even more popular after the Second World War. However, it has been found out that hardwood coffins are the preferred choice today, and more and more people are showing willingness to pay premium for coffins made of beautiful and sturdy wooden materials such as mahogany and teak. For home made coffins however it may not be advisable to use metal since building one made of any type of metal would require the use of more sophisticated tools that are not available for personal use. Your choice is pretty much limited to wood when it comes to home made coffins, but you do need to decide on whether to go for ordinary wood or hardwood. Actually, experienced wood workers can build coffins using hardwood but for beginners, you are better off using plywood since it requires less effort and is definitely easier to work on. 

Tools and Materials Needed for Home Made Coffins

You don’t need any specialized tools and equipment to make coffins but you are required to secure an electric circular saw (or an ordinary saw if the electric type is not available), chisel, sanding equipment, and angle gauge. For the materials, you need the following:

  • Plywood (at least one and a half sheets)
  • Wood strip        
  • Batten
  • Steel wood screws
  • Panel pins
  • Wood-working glue
  • Handles and lids
  • One liter of paint

Steps in Making Coffins

The very first thing to do when making coffins is to measure the person who will be occupying it, and don’t forget to include allowances in your measurement. Once you have done this, the next thing to do is to cut the boards based on the measurements you have and afterwards, join together the sides and ends in order to form the coffin. This step can be done with either of these two methods: one, with the use of battens; and two, through dovetailing.  When you choose the former, you will need to use glue and screws to fit them together and then shape the batten to the required angles to give the floor sufficient strength. When you opt for the dovetailing method, you will need to cut the recesses and tongues along the edges of the boards until they will all fit securely together. As for the headrest, you will need to build a small platform that is slightly sloping and well supported. Lids and handles can then be added using glue and screws. If you want to paint or provide a finishing for your coffin, you can also opt to do so. You can even embellish it with designs and artwork.