Luxury Coffins

Death is only experienced once and it marks the end of a person’s life. While still enjoying life here on earth, it is normal for most people to want to experience some luxuries such as spending a night in a posh hotel or driving an expensive car. Those who belong to the upper social class can just take any kind of luxury that they want because they have the means to afford it. But have you ever wondered if they also showcase their love for luxury during the time of their death? Well, they do. Come to think of it, if that is your very last chance to impress people before you get buried six feet below the ground then you might as well do so in a fabulous way. 

Why Choose Luxury Coffins

If you are a person who enjoys the luxuries in life, then you must also fancy lavish funerals. Since funerals are expensive anyway, you might as well splurge on luxury coffins. If you can afford it, then money will not be an issue, so arrange an appointment with your coffin maker to discuss some wonderful ideas on luxury coffins. If you want to make quite an impression in life, and even in death, then investing on luxury coffins will do the trick.

Various Luxury Coffin Options

A luxury coffin is determined by the kind of material used in making it. While solid wood is the most common material used for coffins and caskets, other types of wood such as hardwoods are considered as the expensive options. Hardwood like solid oak, mahogany, and elm are just a few examples of high quality and expensive materials used to craft luxury coffins.  Aside from that, the fittings and finishing can also speak of luxury depending on the choice of design and quality. The use of brass or gold handles, nickel-colored fittings, and carved side panels can surely make coffins look luxurious. The finishing also creates a huge impact on the overall look of luxury coffins. A high gloss, deep luster finish creates a magnificent appearance, especially if the coffin is crafted from oak or mahogany. In Denmark, there are luxury coffins designed to look like diamonds and they were termed as Diamant coffins.

Worth the Luxurious Price

Well, it is very apparent that luxury coffins are quite expensive. For people who have been constantly exposed to a lavish lifestyle, the price of these coffins and caskets is not an issue. While a lot of people believe it would be impractical to use expensive coffins considering that it will only be buried underground, there is really nothing wrong with wanting to have one last piece of luxury before you journey into the afterlife. Get ready for prices that will range around $5000 to $10000. If you choose well, every dollar spent will be worth it. Moreover, since your funeral is just a one-time ceremony, don’t hold back if you want to be lavish and grand in this final moment.