Expensive Coffins

Funeral expenses can be costly, especially if you do not have life insurance.  We live in a time where nothing is ever simple anymore, and funeral services have truly become more than just the burying of a loved one. The coffin alone could cost thousands of dollars but if you have worked hard in order to live the good life, then you deserve a taste of luxury, too, even in death. 

Cost of Coffins

There are cheap coffins and there are also expensive coffins. Cheap ones would probably cost around $800 while the high-end ones are usually priced around $4,000 or more.  Michael Jackson’s coffin was said to be one of the most expensive in today’s time at $25,000—assuming that reports are accurate. With his coffin’s hand-polished 14K gold plated finish, the King of Pop truly was grand and majestic in life and in death.

What Makes Some Coffins Expensive

Wood coffins cost around $1,000 to $4,000 on average, while metal coffins cost somewhere between $800 and $6,000. While most people could easily opt for conventional wood or metal coffins, there are those who prefer to use the more expensive hardwoods or the more expensive metals.  Those made of black walnut and mahogany, for example, are quite pricey. Coffins made of stainless steel, copper, and bronze are very expensive, as well. Aside from the materials used to build the coffin, another thing that can add to its high cost is the level of craftsmanship used to make them. Just like Michael Jackson’s coffin, which was polished by hand, its craftsmanship could very well double the cost. Shipping and handling cost is another factor that could jack up the price of a coffin so if you order it online from a store that’s located thousands of miles away, then expect to have to pay a fortune to ship the item to your location.

Alternatives to Expensive Coffins

Essentially, there are two reasons why people purchase expensive coffins. One is because they value their deceased loved one so much that they want to honor them by buying only the best coffin for them. Another reason is that, because a death in the family is a very difficult time for everyone concerned, being able to shop from a wide range of choices for coffins is not always feasible. As a result, they could be easily swayed to buy the most expensive coffins. The funeral director could give them a sales pitch, and they wouldn’t even realize the trap they have been led into. If you find that a $10,000 coffin is too much, then there are other alternatives for you. Look for eco-friendly coffins made from mostly recycled materials. You can also choose coffins made from inexpensive wood such as pine.  The use of a coffin cover in lieu of the traditional coffin can also help reduce the cost because coffin covers are made from cheap biodegradable materials and also because you will only be buying the inner coffin cover, instead of one whole coffin.