There are three major events in the life of a person. The first event marks the day of your birth. That is the reason your parents throw you a huge party with clowns and a petting zoo although you are just a toddler and have no idea what all the fuss is about. The second event would be your wedding day which is the day you declare your undying love and affection to one person for eternity. Finally, the last event you would ever plan in your life would be your funeral. Although you won’t be quite present at the event, memories of you will linger on in the minds and hearts of your closest family and friends.

In the recent years, people have begun planning their funerals in advance. They want to have the choice of hymns to sing, the reverend who will conduct the service, and even the program flow of the entire day. The first agenda in funeral planning is to decide on the coffin. There are many factors in selecting the coffin the first of which is the coffin design.

An Early Look at Coffins

Centuries ago, coffins were shaped like an unsymmetrical hexagon. However, coffins have taken a modern twist and comes in many shapes such as rectangle which is highly preferred in Continental Europe and coffins with rounded edges like those used in a traditional Japanese funeral.

Besides that, one must decide on the materials used to make the coffin. At this age, coffins can be made out of almost any material. Some materials are more expensive than the other such as a pure mahogany wood coffin as compared to pine wood coffin. There are also coffins made of stainless steel coffin or even a glass one. In addition to that, suppliers of coffins and funeral houses have gone the extra mile to offer eco friendly coffins which are made of 100% recycled cardboard.

Choosing a Coffin

The type of coffin chosen also depends on whether the individual prefers a burial or a cremation. For a burial, the coffin has to be made of solid material to prevent the decay from polluting the ground. As for cremation, the coffin should be made out of materials that emit less carbon dioxide and toxic fumes when it is lit on fire.

Furthermore, one must also determine the size of the coffin. For those who are exceptionally tall, a customized coffin will be the solution. At this point, since you need to customize the coffin, you might also opt to go a step further and personalize your coffin with colorful designs instead of going with the conventional white or dark colored coffin. The most popular designs are those with flower prints, flags, as well as logos and symbols of your favorite football team.

Planning your own funeral ahead of time should not be seen as a taboo as it has its advantages. By stating your preferences you would have helped your family to save the time and the headache of making decisions. Ultimately, you would have helped your friends and family to go through the grieving process in an easier manner.